By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

I heard this morning that I’ve been awarded a busary to attend the BIALL conference in Brighton next month, which I’m absolutely delighted about. I had such a good time last year, not only socially, but also hearing more about the nitty gritty of law librarianship. I’d only been in the job 9 months at that point and was still rathe bewildered by all the terminology and peculiarities of how Law works as a subject. Now that I’m coming up on my 2 year mark, I feel more confident not only that I know what I’m talking about (sometimes), but that I’m really going to be able to take useful information away with me.

Of course, that does mean I have a to-do list as long as my arm, what with trains and seminars and wanting to do some reading up before I go and, most importantly (of course), what to do with the evening before. I’ve only been to Brighton once before, so hopefully I’ll get to see more than just the conference centre!

What do other people do when they know they’re going to a conference? Suggestions to pack a bucket and spade will be taken under advisement…



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6 responses to “By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

  1. That’s cool Laura, congratulations! I got to go to BIALL on a bursary in 2008, I enjoyed it so much. The one thing I was kicking myself for not bringing with me were business cards. Everyone had stacks apart from me (conference green horn) so I missed out on loads on those good competitions the exhibitors were running. So, I am prepared for NPC2010 this time!

    • Thanks!

      I’m pretty chuffed to be able to go again – like you, I had the business card issue, so am now armed and dangerous. Most of the stalls had pieces of paper you could write on, but it didn’t do me much good. My boss won a bottle of champagne and an iPod Nano, though! Will have to see if I can do better this year when she’s not around…

  2. Ooh, I’m going to BIALL too! Never been before, so am excited about trying out a new conference 🙂 See you there!

  3. Och, I’m a bit jealous! The scraps of paper thing just doesn’t cut it, does it? Enjoy it both of you!

  4. librariansontheloose

    If the sun shines and you’ve got free time, head to the lovely outdoor cafe in the gardens of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Delightful spot for a cuppa and lunch (BEST jacket potatoes) and lovely cake…

    • Ooh lovely, thanks. I’ve just arranged to meet a friend for fabric/yarn shopping, but will suggest the Pavillion for afterwards. My last visit to Brighton was for a day about 10 years ago, so I’m really looking forward to this one!

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